• Wolin Success Story:
    Manpower of Des Moines

  • Increase Performance to Increase Your Bottom Line

    Clients don't spend money with Wolin, they invest it. By understanding energy consumption, custom energy solutions can be implemented to transform a building into a high performance facility.
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  • Control the Cost and Capabilities of Your Building

    By combining years of engineering experience with today's innovative technologies, Wolin delivers convenient integrated automation solutions designed to improve a building's efficiency and operating costs.
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  • Benefit from Single-Source Project Delivery

    As one of the only companies in central Iowa that can take an MEP project from concept through occupancy and beyond, Wolin ensures quality control while streamlining costs and workflow
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  • Economize with Innovative Engineering Expertise

    From energy consumption and efficiencies to rebates and tax credits, Wolin protects a client's best interests and budget by finding innovative ways to economize an entire project.
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24/7/365 Service
Design/Build Capabilities
Wolin's Design/Build process creates facilities with innovative, energy efficient mechanical and electrical infrastructure, completed on schedule and under budget, with less risk and fewer problems for clients.
Measure Your Footprint
How much energy is your building using?  And how much is it wasting?  Wolin Mechanical Electrical can determine how large your business's carbon footprint is, and offer the best solutions for reducing your energy use and emissions.

Sustainable Solutions

Back in the 1920s, Wolin's founder and namesake, Melvin “Mubbs” Wolin, was a strong believer in sustainability. Of course, thinking green had never occurred to him. To Mubbs, a sustainable building was one meant to last forever, if possible. It meant quality.

Today, "sustainability" still means quality to Wolin, on every level. It means creating  environments that support all the needs of the client long after a project has been completed. It means gathering and providing the right information to make accurate assessments of a project's lifetime cost. And it means integrating more solar energy, wind energy and geothermal energy into projects to protect clients from relying solely on finite and increasingly expensive energy sources.

Facility Automation

In maintaining the outdated industry standard of "selling the car but keeping the keys," too many Building Automation Systems leave clients locked out of the very system they own.

With Wolin’s open protocol system, clients own the system and have complete control over their BAS. Wolin’s exclusive Sustainable Facility Solutions™ (SFS) system gives clients control of their facilities and the keys to them.

Mechanical Services

For nearly a century, mechanical engineering, construction and service have been Wolin's core competencies. While other companies may offer some construction, in-house engineering or service support, only Wolin does them all — and does them well. As a single source for all of these integrated services, Wolin clients receive the added benefit of specialized sustainability services, improved productivity, timeliness, lower costs – and a single entity accountable for costs, performance and client satisfaction. Wolin streamlines budgets and schedules, allowing clients to capitalize on efficiencies that save money and expedite delivery.

Electrical Services

Wolin is the link between a successful electrical construction project and long-term sustainability. The firm's client-centered approach means constantly thinking about how its actions impact the other trades involved in a project, and what it can do to economize an entire project, not only its portion. With its engineering and sustainability expertise, Wolin creates collaborative and practical electrical solutions that deliver innovative, cost-effective benefits. To bring accountability back to the industry, Wolin works hard to protect every client's best interests and budget.